Our Family

Along with personal transformation coaching, we also offer support in other life areas through our sister brands.

Coaching From The Soul

Personal Development

Change your world by removing the outdated subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. Living your perfect life when so much feels out of your control can seem far from reach. Whether you are going through a career crisis, are dissatisfied in a relationship, or are looking for more passion in your life, you need clarity and a way of moving forward. Karen supports you in re-align priorities so that you achieve success.

Parenting From The Soul

Empowering Families Globally

Thousands of parents over the past 20 years have looked to Karen as she is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected parenting experts. She has all the answers they need to understand themselves, their family dynamic and most of all their children. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, has written many articles for respected publications and a trusted spokesperson in advocacy for children and families.

Healing the Wounded Child


When we were young, our family was everything. It shaped us, moulded us and helped us to create an understanding of our world. But what if the meaning you made of these experiences were not the positive, uplifting messages that would help you create a life where you were powerful and anything was achievable? What if the meaning you made of these experiences kept you in a spiral of never feeling enough and never feeling like you were lovable?

Educating from the Soul


Karen spent 10 years founding and refining a boutique charter school in Australia where a unique design of pedagogy, methodologies and programs enhanced children’s learning capacity and potential and had them thrive in an environment that encouraged a growth mindset and enhanced positive neuroplasticity.  

Educating from the Soul takes your child to that next level of understanding, big picture thinking, and enhancement courses that will give them the skills they need to really excel at life.